This is my newly updated website, formerly at wisti-thinking.com.

The content is generally the same, with occasional improvements that sneak in here and there. I am still sharing tips and links, with occasional anecdotes from personal experience, for those just entering the wonderful world of computing and web design.

As my experience with writing, web design, gaming, and coding expand, I will be posting related notes here. Before anyone takes my notes as gospel, please consult with others in the industry, just to be sure my notes are correct.

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Hobby-Level Web Geek

Hobby-Level PC Geek

Occasional Hobby-Level iMac Geek

My name is Aaron J Wisti, and dealing with computers as tools is a hobby of mine.

I am not a programmer, or a proper web developer - yet. Maybe - in good time - I can be properly motivated to explore the big scary world of programming and development.

I've dabbled a bit in web design, and have not only assembled my own PCs, but also done necessary Microsoft Windows (7 and 10, respectively) troubleshooting. With the aid of my trusty notebook and Google, I am usually able to manage simpler fixes. I don't mind a good, solid challenge. However, I try to avoid them when easy fixes are available.

I began my misadventures in web design back in the early days of Microsoft Windows 95-98, using Microsoft Office / Publisher to put my thoughts into print. It wasn't until 2007, with Microsoft Windows XP, that I began to explore web page markup - using HTML and CSS.

At the same time, with some prodding and encouragement from my brother, Brian Wisti, I began to also tinker with Linux, using the distro known as Ubuntu. Those were some trying and educational times.

In addition to technical notes, I provide links to sites I visit most often and think might be useful enough to share. All of my technical material will be in the Archive section, on my Academics, Computing Experiences, and Video Projects pages.

This site will contain notes from various projects I've been a part of.
From school assignments to personal research topics, I've made it a point to take notes and track progress when needed. I've discovered, over the last few years, that sometimes my seemingly random collection of notes have proven useful to someone else.

Speaking of noteworthy projects, I borrowed a book from the local library, titled: Beginning Programming by Matt Telles.
It promises to be about the programming language Python and how to work with it.

Ok, maybe I'm a bit slow in my research and impulsive with my shopping.
I went on a date and mall crawl with my wife at the Oak View Mall here in Omaha and found the very book I had borrowed from the local library. I caved and bought myself a copy to take my time with and not incur late fees. I'll be a bit slow (and thorough) with my note-taking as I post related info to this site. Looking forward to the next adventure.

This website contains a collection of wandering thoughts and technical notes relating to various aspects of web design and development. I am not an expert, and eventually hope to become one. It is my desire to share my notes with someone who is venturing into the tech world with the hopes of furthering their education.

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